Daily archives: October 31, 2008

Tweets today

23:33 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/6pcqz6 #

00:32 I should have children, if only so I can use the phrase "Fruit of my loins" about them. #

11:33 Blog: The nastiest rumours of the 2008 US election tinyurl.com/5vzx52 #

14:34 Blog: Brighton Beach now has an 8 foot lego man tinyurl.com/6asa25 #

15:14 Some days I just can’t seem to get started. Today is one of those days. 3.15 and I’ve only just begun making the Venn dvd. #

20:16 Oh look, zombies. Or maybe not. We’re in the Salisbury, it’s hard to tell them from punters. #

22:27 Not in a Jilly’s mood. Heading home. #

23:05 @warrenellis I gave some kids a green squash and told them it was a very small pumpkin. Does that count? #

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