Daily archives: April 29, 2009

Tweets today

00:19 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/d49crq #

02:30 On Two Wheels- The down side of helmet laws tinyurl.com/csqhau #

02:30 On Two Wheels- Platt Fields BMX track officially opens tinyurl.com/cwszzf #

02:30 On Two Wheels- Now I’m a Tory because I ride a bike???? tinyurl.com/d8ul2h #

13:08 Superfragicalifucksticks! #

15:28 @DaveGorman Nope. It was The Ace Of Spades. It’s always The Ace Of Spades. #

17:40 Just ranted at a taxi driver for cutting me up. In one ear, out the other I know, but strangely satisfying. #

21:33 Failed iphone apps- iwank; ilick; iheroin; ipee #

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