Daily archives: May 23, 2010

Withy Grove Stores, Shudehill, Manchester. I’ve been inside once in twenty years. Most of the time it looks like it’s closed, but every so often you’ll notice the window display’s changed. The gun shop across from it has closed recently, I think all the character shops opposite the Arndale will disappear soon, which will be a shame.

Bits From Bytes

Bits From Bytes is a British company which makes desktop 3D printers with prices starting under £2000. That’s for the single head version of their printer. Realistically, and especially if you want to creat more complex structures, you really need the two head version, which will also lay down support material. I’m not sure what the three head printer will do. They also make a build it yourself version if you’re feeling adventurous.

Watch this now- The Genius of Design

The wonder of iPlayer means I can watch the best of the Beeb without needing a television. I highly recommend The Genius of Design. It’s a lightweight look at the design trends of the 20th century, highlighting certain key designs and movements, but still full of interesting new stuff for an interested non-expert such as I. The episodes that are up so far are available until 11th/12th of June, which suggests another two episodes are left in the series.