Daily archives: January 11, 2012

Private White VC

Private White VC is named for Jack White, who won the Victoria Cross in 1917 for his actions during an ambush in Iraq. After the war he apprenticed as a pattern cutter in a Manchester garment factory, going on to become manager and then owner. After his death the company went through a number of owners until recently being purchased by his great grandchildren.

PWVC makes its clothes in Manchester, sourcing material locally. However, they currently only have a shop in London, though I found out about them because of a banner draped across a building near the town hall, so maybe they’re coming home.

The clothes line is based upon uniforms, after some of the factory’s historical business. A whole White outfit would be a bit fogeyish for me, but I could go for some of their shirts and jackets. They’re a bit expensive (from my perspective, tend to outfit myself from vintage and charity shops), and I’m sure many of my friends can tell me where to find similar stuff army surplus, but I like the idea and if I’m ever rich enough I think I shall have some.