Daily Blog 03/02/2013

  • Crunchy, full of protein and to be found under a rock near you. Insects have long been overlooked as food in all but a handful of places around the world – but now they are crawling closer and closer to our plates.

    This spring will see a drive towards removing the yuck factor and putting insects not just on experimental gastronomic menus but also on supermarket shelves.

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  • Most British Drag Race meetings in the 60s and 70s featured Drag Karts amongst the entries which made for some interesting matchups when they came up against and often shutdown some of the full-size machinery.

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  • But there is one name that stands alone at the apex of the daredevilry supply industry: the Turbonique Company of Orlando, Florida.

    Though the company no longer exists, mere mention of the name “Turbonique” still inspires a shudder of awe among drag racing enthusiast, the company’s principle target market.

    Even in the Wild West atmosphere of 1960s drag racing, Its products represented the zenith of no-compromise, crazyass crazy.

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  • The story of Jack McClure begins on the muddy banking of the long dead Columbia Speedway in Cayce, South Carolina. Racing jalopy stock cars against the men who would go on to become the inaugural stars of the freshly minted NASCAR organization, McClure was unwittingly banging fenders with racing immortals. His original NASCAR license is hand signed by one of the founding fathers of the organization. We’re talking about stock car racing circa the late 1940s and early 1950s. It was rough and tumble, and perhaps no more so than at Columbia where big purses drew big names on Thursday nights. The careers of Richard Petty and Buck Baker were birthed there and Chevrolet’s first NASCAR win happened there in 1955. But why did they race on Thursdays? The track operator knew that local military personnel were paid on Thursdays and if he didn’t get their money quickly, someone else would.

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