Daily Blog 03/03/2013

  • Teletubbies
    Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are four brightly colored aliens whose sole mission is to occupy the minds of toddlers and begin their process of becoming mindless slaves of the television. They are a fever dream come to terrifying, Technicolor life; their dead, black eyes are belied by the TV sets in their stomachs, which frequently displays the souls of the actual children they have abducted. Also, according to their opening credits, they have set a baby’s head on fire and are using it as their sun. We always assume Cthulhu and his ilk with look like tentacled squid monsters; I would posit that Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are the Elder Gods we ought to be worrying about.

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  • Wacom’s dipped its electronic quill in a lot of stylus-enabled tablets, but hasn’t yet done what many of its creative pro users would like: build one of its own. It looks like that’s about to change as the Bamboo maker has posted a teaser on Facebook saying it’ll bring a mobile tablet “this summer” with a pressure-sensitive professional pen, multi-touch capability and an HD display. There are no other details like what OS such a device may boast, but if it offers its own functionality as well — say, Cintiq-style input on a desktop machine — then Wacom could be onto a winner.

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  • At first sight, this appears to be an unremarkable fixed-gantry crane spanning an access road at RAF Wittering. It consists of two tripod-frame columns, comprising rolled steel joists (RSJs) braced with diagonal and horizontal angle-iron stiffeners. Linking the tripods is a heavier RSJ runway beam that supports the travelling electrical hoist.

    In reality, this is a rare survival: a crane, erected in November 1952, specifically designed for lifting nuclear bombs – the earliest such crane built on an operating airfield in Britain.

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