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Daily Blog 03/05/2013

  • Mark Milsom, the assistant chief constable of West Yorkshire Police today told the parliamentary inquiry on cycling that police officers do not enforce 20mph speed limits.

    “We advise, we don’t enforce [on 20 mph],” said Milsom, at the inquiry representing Association of Chief Police Officers.

    An incredulous Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge asked: “What other laws do the police not enforce?”

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  • When Martyn Hillier was told he could turn his off-license in the Kent village of Herne into a pub, he didn’t realise the key role he would play in redefining Britain’s ailing pub trade. The ‘micropub‘ concept takes this enduring yet declining beacon of Britishness back to basics. Capitalising on the increasingly popular real ale market, micropubs focus on cask ales, good banter and friendly atmosphere. Wine, ciders and soft drinks are welcome. Lagers, jukeboxes and fruit machines are strictly prohibited!

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  • A club where Friedrich Engels spent time during his early years in England has been uncovered by archaeologists in Manchester.

    Remnants of The Albert Club, founded by Germans in the 19th Century, were found during building work on the new £61m National Graphene Institute (NGI).

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Fuck the Revolution

It’s easy to mock Saint Bono (and I’m sure I have, many times), but I can forgive him any amount of self important nonsense and pretentious twaddle for this performance.

Earlier that day, an IRA bomb killed eleven people at a Remembrance Day ceremony in the Northern Irish town of Enniskillen (see Remembrance Day Bombing). During a performance of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, which appears on the film, Bono condemned the violence in a furious mid-song rant in which he yelled “Fuck the revolution.” So powerful was the performance, that the band said they were not sure the song should have been used in the film, and after watching the film, they considered not playing it on future tours. (from wikipedia)

I got the same chills watching that just now as I did when I first saw it twenty-odd years ago. I’m with Bono on this one. Fuck the revolution. Fuck the jihad. Fuck the Intifada and the IDF. Fuck the drones. Fuck any belief system that says it’s okay to kill civilians for the cause.