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Fight for the right to an NHS

TUC Demo, Manchester, September 29th 2013

And sundry other things the coalition would like to destroy or privatise. Over 40,000 people turned out from around the country for the demo and marched around the city centre on a route carefully designed, by someone, so that the Tories, hiding behind their ring of steel, didn’t have to see them. I took some photos, and some of my favourite sights and signs are in this Flickr gallery.

The front

The front, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

This terrace marks one of the edges of Chimney Pot Park in Salford. It’s an
interesting development. I used to cycle part it regularly before the
office moved, but today was the dirt time I dropped in for a look around.

You’ll notice that the houses are boarded up and lacking roofs. In the next
photo I shall reveal more.

Asleep on the field of honour

Asleep on the field of honour, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Originally sent on Saturday, but it doesn’t appear to have arrived.

Cobden House Chambers.

This is a long and sad list for one building to have on its side wall. I
couldn’t fathom why it was there until I found the blue plaque around the
corner which said the building was the base for Owens College- the
institution which became Manchester University- from 1851 to 1873. A lot of
young men would have made their way through the building over those years,
and a large number of them later found themselves in foreign fields.

The Old Bank Theatre/Matrix House

The Old Bank Theatre/Matrix House, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

My new route to work offers me a lot of interesting buildings to
photograph. And I’m walking, so I can stop to shoot more easily.

They were sequentially numbering the bricks on the back wall of this
building whilst diggers stirred the rubble of whatever had been next door.
I’m not sure what that means for the Old Bank’s future.

Flemish Weaver

Flemish Weaver, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

A new phrase recently entered my vocabulary- estate pub. If you’ve ever
seen an estate pub the name clicks instantly. The Flemish Weaver* is such
an establishment, and one of the more basic designs. Further down the road
is the Woolpack, which is currently in one of the other natural states for
an estate pub- boarded up and scary looking.

*Or Lemish Weave. I imagine a lemish weave being a combined wig and fake
beard which makes you look like the lead singer of Motorhead.