Daily archives: April 13, 2014

Postcards and prints of my photos from Deviantart and Redbubble

Church Street CDs by Spinneyhead on deviantART

I’ve been delving into my big box of digital images as well as the physical one, and found a few that would be good as prints or postcards. I’m putting pictures up on two different services for this- Redbubble and Deviantart. They each have slightly different inventory, and Deviantart has more because I’ve been using it longer. I ordered some cards from Redbubble a month or so ago and they’re very good quality prints.

Manchester then and now

Jacksons Warehouse-then

I’ve been taking photos of Manchester for nearly twenty-five years. When I went through the boxes of prints that I have, I came up with a plan to revisit some of the images and see what those places look like now.

Jacksons Warehouse-now

So, every so often, I’m going to grab the camera and go and take photos for the Now files and fill up the Manchester- Then and Now set. Scroll through them below, or follow the link for larger versions.