Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a rat rod style scooter bike 1

Ratty Scooter

Ratty Scooter

I spotted this across the road whilst wandering around town, and just had to have a picture. How cool is this rat rod style scooter?

When I stop living in the sky and find somewhere with a garage (which won’t be for a while), I’d love to have something like this for the occasional cool buzz around town. Of course, I’ve heard that older scooter engines can be very polluting for their size, so it would have to have a newer motor fitted instead or, for the ultimate mod (but not Mod), it could go electric.

Cool lowrider

I also spotted this cool chopper. The riding position looks close to that of a recumbent, so it mightn’t be as hard to pedal as you’d first think. Steering could be tricky, though.

That back tyre is actually three mountain bike tyres fitted to some sort of custom rim, which is an interesting way of doing things.

One thought on “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a rat rod style scooter bike

  • Greg Ellison

    The chopper is my fault.
    I wanted to be Peter Fonda, but I don’t have a motorbike license.
    It’s made out of a chopped-up mountain bike, re-welded back together using 2mm thick steel tubing, so it does weigh a fair bit.
    Peddling it up-hill is tiring and you’re right, steering takes practice. The rear wheel is just a hoop of 1mm steel with three standard 26″ bike rims bolted to it where the spoke holes are to keep them and it in place. The two tires either side are a little deflated to it can lean into corners.

    Thanks for posting this on your blog, I’m quite chuffed you think it’s cool. It’s probably the only thing it can do well!


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