Welcome to a new year.

I should be writing a mini-essay about how awesome I am at my job, so I can get upgraded from temp to permanent status. Obviously, I’m composing a post for the blog instead.

Let’s not dwell on 2022, and think about the year just begun. I don’t do resolutions, but I do revise my plans and aims a bit around this time of year.

So, I’m trying to post more stuff here on the Spinneyhead blog. Not just my YouTube videos- though I will be putting out more of those this year- but commentary, updates, and hopefully fiction again. Off site, the Spinneyworld shop is constantly evolving, with new products added regularly. I really need to get back on the 3D design and produce some more original parts created as well.

Anyway, the hangover has more or less worn off, so I guess I should get back to that job application. Keep popping by for more updates.

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