Monthly archives: November 2023

Project City- bringing the door panels to life

Time for a new car project.

The Microace Honda City is a simple kit, so I want to add some extra details. The first parts to get this are the door panels, with 3D printed parts replacing the flat moulded in features.

You can buy the parts used in this build at Spinneyworld.

The door handles, winders and armrests used in this part of the build were designed by Denilsonvm model cars, and can be found on Cults3D.

The Microace Honda City is available from Hobbylink Japan (affiliate link).

In my will, I shall leave most of my assets to guillotine makers

So it seems the royal family grabs your assets if you die intestate, and King Chas has been using such funds to renovate his property portfolio.

That’s not acceptable, and we need the money back, with fines. Or he can sign over some of his buildings to be used in the national interest. Better still, we can seize Royal assets on the monarch’s death and cut the family’s unjustified wealth every time one of them pops their clogs.


Today is the 20th anniversary of the repeal of Section 28. Finding that out sent me to my bookshelf to see if I still have my copy of AARGH! – Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia – the comic put together to protest it.

It’s really sad that we’re in the position where a mutated zombie version of Section 28 could be unleashed upon us. It may be time for AART! – Artists Against Rampant Transphobia.

All I Want for Christmas is a New Government

From a throwaway tweet over lunch on Tuesday-

I came home and had a play in Inkscape, and here’s the result. If you want to tell Santa what you want, the design is available on a wide variety of products at Redbubble.

The environmental scars of war

As well as the immediate death and destruction, armed conflicts have a long term effect on the places they’re fought in. Left over munitions and mines are an obvious problem- I knew they still dig up shells from World War 1, but hadn’t realised it was so bad there are still effective no-go zones- but knock on effects are also an issue. The focus of resources on the military lets other systes break down, and natural disasters are more devastating in war zones and their surroundings.

I addressed similar issues in Sounds of Soldiers, but didn’t imagine how much larger they truly are.

Heating up animal brains

The movie pitch is that some ancient or mythological creature is defrosted by climate change and wreaks havoc on mankind. The truth is going to be more pervasive, with populations shifting, plant life changing, and massive changes no matter how well they adapt.

The trick to sticking to a project every day—for years

I’m trying out a new to-do list. It’s the first page of a spreadsheet I’m filling with projects, which will be broken down into the tasks involved as I start them. It means I’ll always have a list of things to work on, and when I’m done, I can cross the job off. Every Sunday (more often on really productive weeks), I mark the completed jobs and print out a new version of the sheet.

I don’t know how this would marry up with the advice in the linked article, but I’ll take it on board as well. You can’t finish any projects unless you start them, and the best way to progress is to commit to keep working in them, even if it is only a little every day.

A better understanding of intersectionality

I’ve got a basic understanding of the concept of intersectionality and how the prejudices against overlapping identities can stack and reinforce each other. But it’s always good to learn a little more.

The wild world of SEO

I keep getting job suggestions that involve SEO, but feel I can’t apply for them. If I was good enough to get a job doing SEO, I’d be driving so much traffic to my shop and YouTube channel that I wouldn’t need a job at all.

But hopefully, I wouldn’t become the sort of SEO pirate talked about in this article.

If I mention SEO a fee more times, will it help Spinneyhead’s SEO?