A better understanding of intersectionality

I’ve got a basic understanding of the concept of intersectionality and how the prejudices against overlapping identities can stack and reinforce each other. But it’s always good to learn a little more.

The Bechdel Test

Charlie Stross has posted a piece about Alison Bechdel’s rules for movies (though she attributes the rules to Liz Wallace.)

1. Does it have at least two women in it,

2. Who [at some point] talk to each other,

3. About something besides a man.

Time to test some of my output against the rules. I don’t think Global Weirding passes, but then it’s a first person tale from a male character, which Stross allows a pass for. Ruby Red does pass, because of conversations between Elaine and Ruby. Deputised Experts, I think, has conversations about the investigation between female characters, so it should be okay as well. And George and Hannah talk about everything but men in Memory, though George was written primarily as a geek and could have just as easily been a man. Venn? Well, there’s only one female character in episode 1, and lots of the following episodes are specifically about sex and relationships, so…..