1 Million dollars insurance to shoot film in New York!!??

New York plans to introduce a law that would require filmmakers, and photographers, to obtain a permit and hold liability insurance of up to $1million to film on the city’s streets. This is supposed to be aimed at professional film makers, but local civil liberties groups contend that the wording is so loose the Police could use it against sightseers, tourists and amateurs if they wanted.

New rules being considered by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting would require any group of two or more people who want to use a camera in a single public location for more than a half hour to get a city permit and insurance.

The same requirements would apply to any group of five or more people who plan to use a tripod in a public location for more than 10 minutes, including the time it takes to set up the equipment.

I’m planning to take my video camera to New York and shoot stuff there, your usual tourist stuff mostly. I don’t want to get arrested for it.

via BoingBoing