K Scale Models 1:144 Linear Tank Diorama Build   Recently updated !

I’ve had this Linear Tank kit sitting on the shelf for a while. It was time to build it.

It became one of those ‘simple’ builds that took ages, not least because I had to wait weeks for a dry day to prime the base.

Linear Tank 3D printed model by K Scale Models, who is also on YouTube.

Project City part 2- The Dashboard

Just a quick one for this stage of the build, the dash didn’t need as much detailing as the door panels. I added a stereo system, and the newly designed vent mounting coffee cup holder. All the Spinneyworld shop items used in this build can be found at

The Microace Honda City is available from Hobbylink Japan (affiliate link).

Project City- bringing the door panels to life

Time for a new car project.

The Microace Honda City is a simple kit, so I want to add some extra details. The first parts to get this are the door panels, with 3D printed parts replacing the flat moulded in features.

You can buy the parts used in this build at Spinneyworld.

The door handles, winders and armrests used in this part of the build were designed by Denilsonvm model cars, and can be found on Cults3D.

The Microace Honda City is available from Hobbylink Japan (affiliate link).

Prepare the Grand Panjandrum!

I had another old ashtray that made a perfect diorama base, so I built a companion to the Smith Gun diorama.

The Grand Panjandrum is an even more obscure Allied weapon from WW2- only making it to prototype stage and possibly being a bluff. I found a 3D printable Panjandrum on Booth and once I sat down and started the diorama, it went together over a weekend.