Maggie Thatcher

Plans for an anti-Thatcher museum in London to showcase her “genuine terrible legacy”

“I wanted to start this project because I think there’s going to be a serious need to counteract the whitewashed version of Thatcher’s legacy the official museum will present.” says Darren

It’s unlikely the official museum will address Thatcher’s unflinching support for brutal regimes like the Khmer Rouge In Cambodia, Augusto Pinochet in Chile or apartheid South Africa. They’re not going to talk about Thatcher’s implementation of the first anti-gay law in 100 years, Section 28, which was almost identical to Russia’s recent anti-LGBT law.”

“They won’t address how Thatcher oversaw two recessions, massive levels of unemployment, raising poverty and inequality, the devastation of UK manufacturing, deregulation of banks, the Poll Tax and the privatisation of everything from basic utilities to social housing”

An interesting idea, for sure. I reckon there should be a string of alternative museums for famous people, where their successes and failures can be properly measured. Churchill’s begging for one, as is Reagan in the US.

Also, if you say bad things about Maggie, you might make George Osborne cry, and who doesn’t want to see that?

Source: Plans for an anti-Thatcher museum in London to showcase her “genuine terrible legacy” – Mirror Online

The End of the Century Club

Time Warp was the second book of Ed “Ilya” Hillyer’s End of the Century Club stories. The stories were wonderful pieces of gutter level millennial magical realism with a dirty sense of humour. I highly recommend Time Warp and the first part, Countdown, but the reason I’ve been thinking about it today is the 8-page mini story which starts volume 2 and depicts the national rejoicing at the death of a certain politician. It’s chock full of the sort of Bacchanalian excess and joy that the Daily Mail imagines everyone else has been participating in, but also has a character voice their concerns that her legacy is still there.

RIP Maggie Thatcher

BBC News – Ex-Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher dies.

I had a long post planned for when this happened, which was going to say that we shouldn’t fall for the caricature version of her that’s going to be presented in the next few days (by the Right as much as the Left) and focus on her legacy- which is quite toxic- and her heirs- who are doing far more damage than she ever did.  But I have two children to look after today, so I’ll keep it brief.

The Maggie Thatcher death anthem

The idea is to get enough people to buy the Maggie Thatcher death anthem the week she dies that it goes to number one and charts a single finger salute to the rusting lady. The problem is, it’s a bloody awful song, I couldn’t even watch the videos for it and “The Lady’s Not For Burning” all the way through.

I recommend Hefner’s The Day That Thatcher Dies instead-