Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests, page 10

A few days late, but here it is.

It’s likely that this week’s page will end up just as late, and I may have to slip to a two weeks out of three schedule for a little while. I shall try to avoid that, though.

This page, I’ve tried out a new way of shading eyes, with the pupil still a black spot, but the iris shaded. (To the character’s hair shade. I don’t know why, it just seemed appropriate.)

Shading is still taking longer than I’d like, and I’m not sure of the ‘2DLT’ (as Manga Studio calls it) image imports. I’m off to find a tutorial that explains them, so I can learn the best ways to tweak them.

Uninvited Guests, page 8

A day late, but at least this one got done within the week it was intended for.

I’m quite proud of the layout on this one. I know it’s still a traditional 3×3 grid at heart, but the way the forest takes over the little girl’s panels feels right. Still having issues with drawing eyes (and faces in general, really). I need to work on them.

Uninvited Guests, page 6

Artistically, this page was about trying to improve my abilities with faces and consistent likenesses. I’ve still got a way to go, I know.

Story wise, this is an attempt at a montage. William is meeting people he hasn’t seen for a while, updating them on how things are going, and telling the same story to them all (slightly different with each iteration). You get to meet supporting characters, and read some back story as well.

Uninvited Guests, page 4

After the cold open, the splash page.

This isn’t as busy as I’d like. Part way through drawing it, I looked at a photo of a table I took at a wedding last year, and realised there should be way more glasses and other stuff. I added a bunch of details in, but it’s still not as packed as I want.

I didn’t pencil this, either, working from 3D models imported into Manga Studio. I think they’ll be useful for background elements, but don’t really work as the main focus of the image.

I learn a bit more with each page, though, so- onwards!

Uninvited Guests, page 3

As well as digitally inking this page, I also sketched the figures from my Daz posed reference images, rather than using the light box to trace their proportions, when I did the pencils. It feels freer this way, though I wish I’d done a better job on Rosemary’s mother in the third panel. All the pages, and the script, are open to revision later on, when I’m more confident of my art, or need to come back and make changes for the sake of continuity.