Kickstarting the ’80s geek revival

I am currently flying through the Milky Way- trading, bounty hunting, asteroid mining and exploring- in Elite: Dangerous, the new version of one of the first truly great computer games. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the first, and so far only, one I supported.

There may be a second Kickstarter that I’ll put money into, because Steve Jackson Games are planning one around Car Wars.

Elite and Car Wars were two of the things that took way too much of my time in my mid to late teens. I’m in danger of regressing.

Kickstarting Elite

I played the original Elite on my BBC Model B, though I never made it to the top rank, stalling at Dangerous or Deadly. I also played a couple of the later generation Frontier games, which were good but not as addictive as the original.

So I’ve been waiting a while for an updated version of one of the greatest computer games ever. Now I’m getting a chance to fund it.

David Braben is looking for £1.25million through Kickstarter to fund development of Elite: Dangerous. It’s the first day of the campaign and the total pledged is already nearly 20% of what’s needed. I’ll be surprised if it hasn’t hit its target by the end of the week. I know I’m putting some money in, I just haven’t decided how much yet.