Tomorrow we diet!

On Sunday I’m going to start a period of abstention, and not just because I’ll be hungover after my birthday. On Monday, if I’m up to it, I’ll start cycling to work. All of this healthy activity doesn’t mean I’ve given in to the body image fascists. I long ago decided I’d fare better if people judged me on my ability and nature rather than crumpled shirts or expanding waistline.

I’m cycling because I can (and because if I leave it too much longer I’ll be so out of shape that I can’t) and it’s cheaper and faster than a bus or car. I’m giving up alcohol because it aggravates the ulcer and I’m going to restart my medication. Losing a little weight and being fitter can only help.

Now, if I can just persuade Daz to stop putting chilli in everything I might just be able to beat the little bastard growling in my guts.

(This is my first post by e-mail, so apologies if the format is weird. I’ll fix it later.)

on edit- Boy did it do wierd things to the format