Daily archives: January 14, 2003


Back when I was working at Sellafield (way back), the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) Police were amongst the few in the country who routinely carried weapons. They were also particularly proud of their peaked hats and got very miffed when they had to go back to wearing tits on their heads. I also have vague memories of an exercise where management worked out there responses to terrorists getting on site and holing up in one of the control rooms. You’d think, in light of all this, that the site Police at Sizewell B would be able to stop someone painting ‘Danger’ on the side of their biggest landmark.

I did hear over the weekend, and I can’t supply a link for this, that the ‘MODPlod’ at various RAF bases can’t even track down the scallies who are breaking in and stealing equipment. Which makes me worry a little about this upcoming war.

Meanwhile, and vaguely related, Britain’s most radioactive house- 40 times above background- is up for sale.

The Poor Dead Quiet Man

It is ashame to say it, but when even the Washington Times, one of the most conservative papers in the USA, predicts the demise of the Tory party in an unabashed editorial, you know Ian DUncan Smith can’t sink much lower.

“Mr. Blair’s two election triumphs in 1996 and 2001 have brought ruin to the Conservative Party. Once it was a party with a definable national constituency. Today it is little more than a regional party”

Read the entire article and have a laugh. Some of the Tory back benchers are probably putting this one in the scrapbook.