Daily archives: January 26, 2003

Sunday at the Office:

Ok. You need to bid for the White Mans Guide to Pimpin. How else can geeks get on the social scene? In addition, Steve Jobs at Apple has decided to branch out their core market into retail. It was only a matter of time. Once again, it is time to plug a favourite of mine, Hardware Pron2, and yes, dark overload, it is safe for work and home. Worth a click every time.

I have been looking into SImCity4 lately, but have found something much better in NationStates, like SimCity but without all the effort. And while on the gaming topic, the boys over at PopCap have devised another cool flash game.

Some people, read the webmaster of this site might like to know that DC Comics and Post Cereals have teamed up to have a create a villain contest. I am not sure if entrants are allowed from outside the States, but you could always lie or use my old address. I am not sure who my new villain might be, but it could be a presedential figure with no intelligence leading the last superpower in the world. Sound familiar?

A new issue of the The Onion hit the streets on Thursday. So much for working at the office on Sunday. I’m tired.