Daily archives: February 3, 2003

Safety Annoucement

Team Spinneyhead bring you an important safety announcement. Whilst travelling at high speed under no circumstances should you listen to 30 Something by Carter USM. This CD has been shown to induce manic grinning and the urge to drive faster. Seriously though, I spent the weekend working in Warwick and on the drive back I was listening to 30 Something and Frank Black (by Frank Black). I’m lucky I didn’t have a passenger as the sight of me driving at about 85 mph whilst singing along to the music and grinning like a maniac would have scared them to death.

BBC NEWS – EU backs poor farmers' seed use

Far more important the the ‘Frankenfoods’ fears associated with GM is the way biotech companies can restrict the freedom of choice for consumers and farmers. Companies can claim ownership of the end product and force farmers to buy new stocks every year. They also like to take crops that have been used for generations, patent ‘features’ and effectively steal them from common ownership. Basically, bio-pirates are scum, and the EU is proposing laws that would protect Third World farmers from them. Whether the corporate owned WTO goes along with it is another matter.

Strange Weather Lately

After high seas and freezing weather, Whitby found its seafront covered in strange foam. Once, after a particularly wild storm on the Irish Sea, I went down to St Bees beach to find the high tide line marked by off white foam to a depth of about four feet. At the time I put it down to Marchon chemical plant, a few miles up the coast, which made detergents and the like.

House gymnastics

I used to do a tamer version of this. When I was a student in halls I’d start flat parties by wedging myself between th ewalls of the narrow hallway, feet against one wall, back against the other, and working my way up until my head hit the ceiling. Then I’d just stick there with a bottle of Thunderbird (which tasted awful until you were quarter way through the second bottle, after which point you just didn’t care) for as long as possible.

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