Random Saturday night waffle

I only went into town to drop in my time sheet and pick up train tickets to Birmingham for Monday (yet more of my consulting gig. Almost got it finished, but not without calling Acces some very colourful names.) I ended up going for a ride around Ancoats, getting a whole load of pictures and finding some interesting stuff. For instance, I didn’t know Manchester had a skatepark. I also found a strange redbrick ‘Romanesque’ church (All Saints) and my old favourite photo subject- canals.

Zoe and Jenny expressed surprise (or possibly disappiontment) earlier this week that I hadn’t fallen off my bike with all the ice around. I knew they had hexed me with that, and today was the day, though there wasn’t even any ice around. Leaning too hard into a corner and hitting some oily tarmac, the front wheel began to get away from me. No harm, I didn’t even come all the way off.

Just over the wall from the house we should be moving to is an abandoned lot. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I will have to boost over the wall and have alook at it after we move.

A guide to bad web design. I’ve made a couple of changes already based upon it.

I must learn Linux, and a few other non Microsoft packages, so I can try to strike out in different directions. The site’s got mySQL available, so that’s quite high up my list of requirements.

My Saturday waffle just made it into Sunday. Time for bed.