Scavenger Hunt Sex Toy

One student’s account of building a sex toy that fulfills several of Spinneyhead’s criteria.

I shall now detail how I constructed this item. The first order of business, right after the conga line, was acquiring a vibrator to modify. We went to Condom Kingdom in Melbourne Central at about 4pm. We had already been past there during the conga line, and were too soft to go to a proper, poorly-lit, sex shop. We bought a black battery operated vibrator for about $25. Then for about an hour we played with the vibrator, sneaking up on people, humping their heads and cock slapping them.

When we got tired of that, I dropped by home to see what parts I had lying around that I could make use of. I grabbed a cordless drill motor/gearbox, some aluminium tubing/sheet/rod, nuts and bolts, transistors, resistors, diodes, an old parallel port cable and a protoboard. I also grabbed my notebook computer, an IBM PIII 700, running Slackware Linux 10.1. I determined that the only other parts I would need to buy would be three relays, two 3 amp for two vibrate speeds, and one 5 amp for ‘thrust’.

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Every where you go, always take your PC with you

Via Tom’s Hardware I’ve discovered the joy of Knoppix. It’s a Linux distribution that boots off a CD without touching your hard drives. A cd-rom drive and some memory is all it ever needs. Klaus Knopper (it’s creator) has really hit on a good idea here. All you need to do is download the CD image (.iso) and burn it on a disk. A capsule review follows:

The good

On my system it goes from boot to desktop in about 2 minutes including detecting hardware. It’s got web browsers, email clients, office software (office xp compatible), media players, a CD-ROM burner and a bunch of other stuff I’ve haven’t explored yet. You can make custom Knoppix builds with the apps and drivers you want.

The bad

Configuring my Alcatel Speedtouch (the most common ASDL modem in the UK) is a real ball-ache but eventually it will work. It doesn’t detect the mouse in my shiny new MS wireless desktop (in defense it’s brand new gear and my old USB mouse and the new wireless keyboard do work from boot).

The ugly

There is no ugly . Ok, the ASDL modem thing is a drag and the current version can’t write to NTFS volumes but it reads them without problems.

End game

It does what it says on the tin. This is an OS that will boot from a CD on a box without a working system disk and give a you a good GUI afterwards. Even if you’re not into Linux you have to admit that this makes it a damn powerful (and cheap) data recovery tool. The customisation possibilities mean you can build your own virtual PC on a CD that will boot on any relatively modern hardware.

Where don't you want to go today?

So I’ve downloaded and installed the XP update, like I’m supposed to, and so far it’s managed to mess with BlackIce (if this patch is supposed to improve my security why is the firewall the first thing it screws up?) and lose the drivers for the USB modem (much swearing and a desperate scrabble around to find the installation disks ensued). Those problems seem to be solved, but I wonder what other programs it’s pissed off to the point of not working any more.

Microsoft- the world leader in unproductivity tools. When I’m brave enough I’m going over to Linux. (I’ve been saying that for years. One day…….)

All Hail Bank Holiday Monday

Well with a day off and nothing better to do than surf the internet for stupidity, I have crawled through the depths of the internet to bring you:

1.DuckHunt – The original Nintendo game is now on the net. Good for a few laughs.

2. Virtual Dog Shite Creator – Its amazing what university students can do with Linux and thousands of pictures of dog kaka. Just look at all the options.

3. Safer America – This company stocks just about everything for the modern citizen concerned about terrorists. The environ-bubble, parachute and SARS protection tablets should do the trick for all those “amber” alert days.

4. Meet Stuart – Hes just your average carbon based life form. This must be a joke.

Last night I found something that may have been mentioned before on this site but still worth a revisit. Ali Davis, a 31 year old post feminist from the Chicago area happens to be a adult video store clerk. Now that is not too interesting, but she has been posting to her blog the customer behaviors and good insight as to how porn operates in the sane and not so sane people that buy/rent it. Take a look for yourself.

Thanks very much to for the game contributions.

Random Saturday night waffle

I only went into town to drop in my time sheet and pick up train tickets to Birmingham for Monday (yet more of my consulting gig. Almost got it finished, but not without calling Acces some very colourful names.) I ended up going for a ride around Ancoats, getting a whole load of pictures and finding some interesting stuff. For instance, I didn’t know Manchester had a skatepark. I also found a strange redbrick ‘Romanesque’ church (All Saints) and my old favourite photo subject- canals.

Zoe and Jenny expressed surprise (or possibly disappiontment) earlier this week that I hadn’t fallen off my bike with all the ice around. I knew they had hexed me with that, and today was the day, though there wasn’t even any ice around. Leaning too hard into a corner and hitting some oily tarmac, the front wheel began to get away from me. No harm, I didn’t even come all the way off.

Just over the wall from the house we should be moving to is an abandoned lot. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I will have to boost over the wall and have alook at it after we move.

A guide to bad web design. I’ve made a couple of changes already based upon it.

I must learn Linux, and a few other non Microsoft packages, so I can try to strike out in different directions. The site’s got mySQL available, so that’s quite high up my list of requirements.

My Saturday waffle just made it into Sunday. Time for bed.

Desktop Penguin

The first and, sadly, only time I used Linux was in 1996 when I was on a C++ course that was actually all about earning cash for the training providers. I’ve often wished since then that I had learnt more about it. I’m not brave enough to install it on my main machine, for fear of screwing up a double boot setup and the lack of desktop programs. The second problem, at least, is diminishing. As for the first, one of my aims for this year is to pick up a cheap old laptop and install the bare bones needed for writing- Linux and OpenOffice- so that I can sling it in a backpack and go write in Castlefield or out at the end of a summer ride.

Of course, what I really want to do is build a Beowulf cluster. Back at The Gas, after refurbishing the Manchester office, there was a room full of surplus equipment. It was like the King Solomon’s Mine of base units. If they’d only let me borrow a dozen or so…..