Daily archives: February 9, 2003

Sequential Tart: – How Old is Old Enough?

Where we had Matthew Kelly, America had Pee Wee Herman, real name Paul Reubens. He was arrested for possessing child porn, but what very few people pointed out was the nature of the pictures involved. Old softcore from a time before current age of consent legislation isn’t as evil as what the phrase ‘kiddie porn’ makes you imagine. As part of Sequential Tart’s Porn Issue, Wolfen Moondaughter considers issues such as consent and whether there could be a universal age for it. Again, it’s always good to see someone more eloquently tackle subjects I’ve touched on in previous posts.

No Good Reason, The Case Against Bush's War with Iraq,

Cartoonist Ted Rall rails against Dubya’s Iraqi masterplan, making a few important points about Afghanistan since invasion- basically it’s back to the 1995 anarchy that gave rise to the Taliban in the first place. And Saddam’s threat to the safety of America? There is none.

Even if Saddam Hussein had nukes, he wouldn’t be able to use them–at least not against the United States. That’s because Iraq doesn’t possess any means of accurately delivering weapons to distant targets. Iraq’s Scud-C missiles are only considered reliable to a maximum range of 300 miles; its Al Hussein rocket might make it 400 miles. The only way Iraq can nuke New York is by Federal Express.

via Not Counting Niggers

Sex Cycle

A study in Italy has concluded that cyclists have more, and better, sex. See, there is a reason I do it, beyond an urge to scream abuse at drivers too stupid to understand lane discipline. Form an orderly queue ladies.

While cycling.visitscotland.com doesn�t overtly promote sex while cycling, it does agree that cycling makes you sexier. Improved muscle tone, particularly in the legs, buttocks and lower back, not only make the cyclist more appealing to the opposite sex but they�re also the major muscle groups used in lovemaking.

Random Saturday night waffle

I only went into town to drop in my time sheet and pick up train tickets to Birmingham for Monday (yet more of my consulting gig. Almost got it finished, but not without calling Acces some very colourful names.) I ended up going for a ride around Ancoats, getting a whole load of pictures and finding some interesting stuff. For instance, I didn’t know Manchester had a skatepark. I also found a strange redbrick ‘Romanesque’ church (All Saints) and my old favourite photo subject- canals.

Zoe and Jenny expressed surprise (or possibly disappiontment) earlier this week that I hadn’t fallen off my bike with all the ice around. I knew they had hexed me with that, and today was the day, though there wasn’t even any ice around. Leaning too hard into a corner and hitting some oily tarmac, the front wheel began to get away from me. No harm, I didn’t even come all the way off.

Just over the wall from the house we should be moving to is an abandoned lot. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I will have to boost over the wall and have alook at it after we move.

A guide to bad web design. I’ve made a couple of changes already based upon it.

I must learn Linux, and a few other non Microsoft packages, so I can try to strike out in different directions. The site’s got mySQL available, so that’s quite high up my list of requirements.

My Saturday waffle just made it into Sunday. Time for bed.