Daily archives: March 29, 2003

No War For Blogs

This whole abstention from mentioning That Thing of Theirs is proving really hard.
The referrals logger seems to work. I know it’s only been quarter of an hour or so since I installed it, so I can’t expect information overload just yet. Give me until five o’clock.
This is how I learn about things, bodging them together from borrowed stuff and snippets from text books, watching what happens and then ripping it up and making it do something a different.
Relationships don’t work like that. Which is a shame, because I’m really quite good at the practical stuff, once I get up to speed. It’s getting the project started that’s tricky. And then there’s all the resouce allocation and Project Management and meetings and…..
Did you hear that? That was the sound of an analogy shattering.

So what is happening around here?

Some people might wonder what I am doing up at 6am in the morning posting to the greatest website ever told. My age is simply catching up with me. Very strange indeed. I haven’t even had coffee yet. The laptop is open and playing is G Love, “Sarah’s song”, The sugarbabes (don’t ask), “stronger”, and Ian Brown playing ‘No Fear’. You should check out Mr. Dolphins Were Monkeys website as it is pretty damn entertaining.

I went to the outdoor cafe with the evil, immoral webmaster yesterday. The weather was absolutely fantastic enabling us to sit outside and enjoy the first fashion show of the year. This fashion show should be seen by every man on the planet because when you combine late march with warm weather and hot sun, the girlies shed layers of clothing with an immediacy deserved only for a US troop lost in the Iraqi desert. It was quite enjoyable.

Holy crikies! There is a war on!!! Damn, I almost forgot. I hereby declare this weekend as the official “Weblogs don’t need War for hits” weekend. I solemnly promise not to post any chatter or links on this farce known comically with serious irony “Operation Free Iraq”. Nuff said. Anyone else care to join me?

Now to the good stuff. Formula One racing has finally got interesting again! The new rules have definitely made an impact on public opinion and I would wager money Bernie Ecclestones pocketbook as well. The website is pretty well stocked with links and info. Not that many international readers will care, but the American baseball season is on its way. This is going to kick ass and thankfully Channel Five will be showing some live games each weeknight. One thing I have noticed is the trend for British people to wear New York Yankees baseball caps without even knowing who the fuck they are! Well, Well. Let me explain a bit further. The New York Yankees, the greatest baseball team ever told, somehow in gods infinite wisdom managed to put together a merchandising agreement with Manchester United. It was a crappy move, but what can you expect from conglomerate sports teams. Now all of a sudden in the British ghetto its cool to wear a Yankees cap. C’est la vie.

And finally from Wired:

“A 17-year-old kid arrested for hacking into ATMs on Long Island turns out to be the son of IBM’s director of client security, reports the New York Post. Loren Anderson is the alleged brains behind an identity-theft operation that resulted in about $100,000 being stolen. “