Daily archives: May 21, 2003

What Comics Can Teach You About Being A Real Girl- Part 1

Comics are full of great role-models. They have really pretty hair, and they flip it around all the time, and they always take the time to Put Their Face On and Look Their Best. And they’re all on great diets, too, you can tell by the way their internal organs have shrunk. And there’s more! They have their own individualized codenames, sometimes even their own titles, and when they kick butt, fight evil, right wrongs, defend the innocent, discuss complex moral dilemmas, and only get the guy if they want the guy, they do it all in a very feminine, Taking Back The Girly Toughness way that is very inspirational and cool. We could all learn a lot about being more complete, attractive women from these wonderful Girly Heroweens, and here are some basic tips to help you get started.

from Sequential Tart a comics fan site predominantly by, and for, women. They have other cool stuff, such as the irregular Bizarre Breasts column. (I’ll jump in before anyone else does and admit to having drawn my fair share of BBs, but that’s more from a lack of skill and practice than screwed up fanboy ideas about anatomy.)

"What people want is not what they need"

Despite having Sky, I’m a whole season behind on Buffy, which finally closed this week. Salon has a big interview with the Slayer’s creator, Joss Whedon. They’re big Buffy fans over at Salon, deconstructing the shows reinterpretation of Western hero myths, moaning that Spike is too much like the Fonz and much more.

Buffy’s over. I think I’m going to go away and have a little cry.

But, then again, they might be doing a Willow spin off. Which would make me a very happy little monkey.