All Hail Bank Holiday Monday

Well with a day off and nothing better to do than surf the internet for stupidity, I have crawled through the depths of the internet to bring you:

1.DuckHunt – The original Nintendo game is now on the net. Good for a few laughs.

2. Virtual Dog Shite Creator – Its amazing what university students can do with Linux and thousands of pictures of dog kaka. Just look at all the options.

3. Safer America – This company stocks just about everything for the modern citizen concerned about terrorists. The environ-bubble, parachute and SARS protection tablets should do the trick for all those “amber” alert days.

4. Meet Stuart – Hes just your average carbon based life form. This must be a joke.

Last night I found something that may have been mentioned before on this site but still worth a revisit. Ali Davis, a 31 year old post feminist from the Chicago area happens to be a adult video store clerk. Now that is not too interesting, but she has been posting to her blog the customer behaviors and good insight as to how porn operates in the sane and not so sane people that buy/rent it. Take a look for yourself.

Thanks very much to for the game contributions.