Daily archives: June 20, 2003

I want, I want, I want!

Just found a very funky website that makes and sells corsets and fallen completely in lust. Having had a quick wander round going “ooh pretty”, I’ve decided that I need to buy one in the near future. I also plan to wear one down the aisle.

As I’m Spinneyheads token girly, I should point out that they also do some for the rest of you!

A handwritten estimate….

I’ve been promising people that I’d start working on Post & Publish for the last month or so. I have been doing a little bit of it during that time, honest, and to prove it, here’s the first draft of the chapter I wrote to hash out the basic format.

It’s not necessarily the first chapter of the book, I think it might appear about a quarter way in. This one’s almost totally biographical- infact I swiped one post whole and plonked it into the prose. Each chapter is going to start with a post and expand upon its theme by way of comments, narrative and follow ups. The time periods of some chapters are going to overlap, because you rarely have just one thing going on at a time, and the ordering may not be entirely linear.

Now I have to get a Gantt chart together of all the characters’ actions.

Product Placement

I’m a little lost for inspiration. I’m at page 14 of the Union Jack script and I know what’s got to happen next, but I can’t quite figure out how to say it. The first draft goes-


1- WOLVERINE wanders across the road in front of UNION JACK’s car. There’s no reason for this, I just know that putting WOLVIE in a comic adds at least ten thousand to the circulation.

2- UNION JACK carries on driving to Scotland.

Bull Fart

New Zealand’s government are proposing a flatulence tax on sheep and cattle to raise money toward compliance research for the Kyoto agreement.

Unless they find some hitherto unconsidered food stuff that cuts down on bovine eructation then the only solution I can think of is GMing something somewhere along the line. And that’s not going to go down well.

Does the Kiwi industrial lobby have greater leverage than its farmers? Does no-one understand that closing the loop on polluting processes will probably make them more efficient? And why is everyone picking on Flossie dammit?

Obligatory Potter mention

J K Rowling on writing book five of the series. As the kid who plays Harry in the films looks so much like a miniature Harry Enfield, you can imagine this as his ‘Kevin the Teenager’ book.

Harry, who is now 15, has some excruciatingly embarrassing scenes in the new book. �He is very much in puberty,� [Rowling] says. �I just think it is a very confusing time. Yes, he�s very confused in a boy way. He doesn�t understand how girls� minds work.�