Monthly archives: September 2004


SpaceShipOne took another step toward securing the X Prize. The official X-Prize site has viseo of the flight.

I read an article in the print edition of New Scientist that suggested Ansari might be up for further X-Prizes, for such things as first suborbital flight from America to Australia. No hint of a XXX-Prize- for the first couple to join the Hundred Kilometre Club- though.

via BoingBoing and DiePunyHumans, where the need to be cynical about everything makes Warren Ellis sound like an idiot. By the standards of his comment, the Wright brothers were failures because they didn’t turn up at Kitty Hawk with a Spitfire.


We really do have these conversations in Casa Spinneyhead. A week or so ago, we started considering titles for great Communist sitcoms. Today, we set to brainstorming and have an initial list. In the order we thought of them-


Only Fools and Capitalists

Last of the Potato Vodka

Yes, Secretary General

The Good Communal Life

Auf Wiedershein, Comrade

The Fall and Rise of Leon Trotsky

Red Adder

The Brezhnev Empire

Mikhail Gorbachev’s Flying Circus


Little Red Books

Are You Being Collectivised?

Carry On Up The Kremlin

To The Dacha Born

It Ain’t ‘alf Cold War, Mum

People’s Army

More to follow, I’m sure.

Those who find themselves ridiculous


How come the best disco I’ve been to so far this year had to be a student affair? Can’t anyone put on something similar for us grown ups in a large enough space for my form of bouncing all over the place dancing?

I’m not trying to pull students. However, if any students would like to pull me, I’m not going to complain.