Still not well enough evolved

The preferred Intelligent Design textbook evolved from an earlier version through the replacement of the word creationism with the phrase Intelligent Design. As such it’s unconstitutional to use it as a teaching aid and a bunch of parents are suing the school board of Dover High School for using it.

Creationism’s Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design

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  • Stephen Newton

    Sorry. Blogger’s doing stange things when you try to put a link in the comment (looks okay in preview, but).

    Anyway. I was saying that when I blogged on religion earlier this week, I got this comment from ‘Paul’ which you may like…

    Atheists – have you considered the case for unintelligent design?

    i too was like you, but plagued by an emptyness in my soul, until i came across

    now it all makes sense, and i have a warm and glowing feeling too. There IS a god, and he DID create everything, although he doesn’t know what he’s doing….