Daily archives: November 3, 2005

the plot thickens

The police vans have gone now, but when i went out at lunch there were police in the reception of a couple of co-op buildings and i swear i saw a couple, with torches, heading in the direction of the basement. It all makes me a little paranoid.
I’ve not worked in a big corporation’s building for a few years. It’s possible this sort of thing happens all the time nowadays. Go on, somebody reassure me.

A little too late for Hallowe'en

Rabid vampire bats in Brazil have killed 23 people.

Some experts have blamed the attacks on destruction of the rainforest, denying the bats of their natural habitat.

But others have suggested the vampire bat population may have grown rapidly, with the spread of cattle farming in the region providing an ample food supply.

So either way it’s nature getting its own back.

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