Daily archives: February 3, 2006

Eco Street

I was idly fantasising about what I’d do with the massive Euro Lotterry roll over prize (very idly as I’m not dumb enough to waste money on it) and came to the conclusion that I’d build an eco community. I’ve been beaten to it, as Arthur Street in Penrith has become Britain’s first eco-street. The initiative was led by residents and has become a great way to build community as well as saving money and promoting environmental technologies.

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SMS Sugar Man

An enterprising director in South Africa has made the first ever feature film shot entirely on phone cameras. SMS Sugar Man is the tale of a pimp and two high-class prostitutes cruising around Johannesburg on Christmas Eve. Director Aryan Kaganof says the tiny images still look fine when blown up to full screen size, though viewers can choose to watch the film as thirty three minute downloads on their phones.

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On your (biodiesel) bike

Jalopnik points to an auction on EBay of a biodiesel powered motorbike. The Royal Enfield 350cc diesel motorcycle was imported to the US from India and then converted to run on biodiesel before seeing duty as a demo bike for the concept. It gets around 200 miles to the gallon, though it’s more of an around town potterer than a grand touring or racing bike.

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