Daily archives: August 29, 2006

The Manchester blog awards

The first ever Manchester blog awards are to be presented in October at a ceremony in Urbis. I’m sure Spinneyhead can slide into the best arts and culture blog, what with me publishing novel extracts now, and blog of the year as well, maybe even personal blog. Application and voting should start in a few days.

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Heavensent 9.17

Area commander Janssen was getting more information than he could handle. Things were happening all over his city, in no sensible order. He needed his deputy commanders, but they were dead. Or his civilian assistant, but he was in prison.

“Sir. Reports from Stran Island say three of the runways are out of action and half the….”

“Spotters report hundreds of planes from seaward.”

“Spotters?” Janssen was furious, “Can they not see anything with that damnable RADIF!”

“Sir, the RADIF was on Stran.”

“Stran docks report ten coastal craft of forty are operational.”

“Sir, our men outside are being fired on.”

The man next to Janssen realised he was shaking. Rapidly everyone in the room noted their commander’s state. The voices faded as they waited for him to collapse or recover.

“KILL THEM!! Kill them all!”


“Raze all the buildings! From here to the glacier! If they are coming to relieve the city then I shall leave no city for them.”

“Sir, is that the best….”

Janssen had drawn his gun and was pointing it at the young officer. It had always been suggested that the weapon was for show and never loaded. But this was not the time to find out if that were true. “Do you question my orders?”

No sir.”

“Then begin it. Now!”

So the order went out. The assembled troops weren’t to report to defence stations, but should proceed to destroy the old town.

Heavensent 10.1
Heavensent 9.16
Heavensent 1.1

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Wish me luck

I’ve got an interview this morning, so I worried about it all last night and didn’t sleep well.

I also had two conversations yesterday about moving on, salvaging positive things from bad situations, my past, my future and various other things. So when I wasn’t worrying about the interview I was thinking about those, and didn’t sleep very well.

In half an hour I’ve got to catch a bus into town and then a tram to Altrincham and try to convince somebody to give me a job that might be the first step to getting my direction back. And I’m tired and emotional.

Like I said, wish me luck.