Daily archives: October 25, 2006

Let's all feel really sorry for the SUV drivers

Oh, okay, let’s not.

The Lib Dem controlled council of Richmond Upon Thames has pre-empted national policy with a proposal to increase the cost of parking permits for more polluting vehicles and second cars. This extra charge only applies to vehicles parked in the street, the only ones for which a permit is required, so may not be as effective as they’d like, but it’s a start.

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Whiteboard Plus

Activity on Spinneyhead has been low for the last few days, and not just because of going to a wedding. I’m working on a number of other projects, which will be revealed soon.

Most promising of my current non-Spinneyhead projects is Whiteboard Plus. I’ve been working with Clare since the end of her teacher training year to create a site that would be a resource for interactive whiteboards. The plan is to provide material that teachers can use on interactive whiteboards, forums where they can discuss technology in the classroom and news around the subject.

If you are a teacher, or know any, please pop on over and join our nascent community and give us feedback to help it grow. If you, too, have created material for interactive whiteboards then we would be interested in partnering with you to sell bundles themed around particular aspects of the curriculum. At present, as Clare trained as a Maths teacher, Maths is the main subject area covered, so we’ll be particularly interested if you can cover some other area.

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