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Starry Night Lights

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At first I thought Starry Night Lights were going to be unhappy with what they’d spent their money on. The company is dedicated to providing outside lighting that cuts down light pollution. This, I thought, was an aesthetic issue, of interest only to astronomers and Lisa Simpson.

With the caveat that exterior lighting should be reduced as much as possible, Starry Night Lights do make a fair argument for the environmental benefits of their products. They want house-holders to eliminate unnecessary illumination and install shaded and low energy lighting only where it’s absolutely necessary, and then have it linked to motion sensors so it only comes on when needed.

There’s no denying the earnestness of the man behind this company, he even has his own outdoor lighting blog where he questions the logic of illumination oneupmanship and suggests solutions. The site, sadly, is a bit clunky, looking very much like an old school effort from the early days of online commerce. And it’s based in the USA, so of no use to me even if I was in the market for low energy external lighting.

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Is it okay for cyclists to break the law?

I’d argue that it isn’t, with similar caveats to those offered by Andrew Grimson, but that drivers are more dangerous and should be policed more heavily and look to themselves before they start complaining.  As this piece is on the Telegraph site expect a rash of "cyclists are scum" foaming mouthed responses.

Coupled with the piece in the Times a couple of days ago this makes me feel optimistic that the Right leaning heavyweights now have a few correspondents with a sensible attitude to road users outside petrol powered boxes.

Be there at 2 o'clock by the fountain down the road.

Well we were born within one hour of each other.
Our mothers said we could be sister and brother.
Your name is Deborah, Deborah.
It never suited ya.
Oh they thought that when we grew up,
we’d get married, and never split up.
We never did it, although often I thought of it.

Oh Deborah, do you recall?
Your house was very small,
with wood chip on the wall.
When I came around to call,
you didn’t notice me at all.

Pulp – Disco 2000

Blame Canada!

Bush’s secret plan to combat Global Warming- invade Canada.  I must check out Little Mosque on the Prairie, which kept being mentioned in the comments.

Children’s pester power is turning Green.