Daily archives: April 3, 2007

Not quite one of a kind- you could own a KITT

One of the three cars that played the Knight Industries Two Thousand in Knight Rider could be yours for just under $150,000. Apparently it’s not street legal, and various bits have been taken out and replaced over the years, but it’s still a piece of television history.

via Jalopnik

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The future is here- order your jetpack now

For 130 grand you too can own a rocket pack. It may seem a little steep, but the price does include 24 hour support, maintenance and 10 training flights. The hydrogen peroxide powered beast was developed by Juan Manuel Lozano, who has previously strapped a similar blonde making rocket to a mountain bike which reached 160mph in five seconds. His website records his fascination with going fast and the roots of his obsession.

Don't try this verse if you're sat at home

Don’t go surfing in the English surf
It’s cold and it’s dirty and the beach is worse
There’s glass in the sand and the ice cream man is cursed

Don’t go walking in the summer sun
Without a sun cream factor of a Hundred and One
The burns and the boils are gonna try and spoil your fun

Come out in the sunshine
It’s gonna rain sometime
It won’t get better but it might never get worse

Sunshine – Carter USM