I need it to rain…..

That shouldn’t be too much to ask for in Manchester. It’s overcast, after all.

I’ve sowed grass seed, raked it in, watered it and raked it in again, but what I really need is a good shower to really wett the ground and set the seeds off. (Oh, and more grass seed, I only got half the area covered. I may have been heavy handed.)

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  1. Attach hosepipe to tap, turn on tap, drench soil thoroughly every other evening for about a month, that should give you a decent lawn for July. You won’t get the amount of water you need to establish the lawn from just rain…

  2. you also need a very good bird scarer … but you 3 should be ok with out visits from me 8-p

  3. If only we had a hose, or a tap we could attach it to. We’ll have to make do with the watering cans. 🙁