Flying around Incredible Edible in Todmorden

Last week, I was lucky enough to get a look around Todmorden, to see how the Incredible Edible group in the town has found ways to bring food and colour to its public spaces. Thanks to my action cam and a selfie stick, I was able to get a view of the project from the point of view of some of the insects it helps promote.

Tomatoes on Tib Street

Tomatoes on Tib Street, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Not strictly Tib Street, but in the shadow of Affleck’s nonetheless. Someone has made good use of one of the big planters which has lost its tree. As well as the large tomato plant there are also some lettuce, parsley and mint. Very pretty and I hope they get a good harvest out of it.

Projects- Concrete Garden

Projects- Concrete Garden, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Last year I had a little garden just outside the rear door of my flat. It gave me a few peas and some tomatoes.

This year I’m trying again, but it’s moved across the yard so it can get more sun. So far there are just two tomato plants there, but as you can see, there are spaces set aside for whatever else I choose to plant.

West Didsbury secret garden 3

Secret Garden

I found this on the way back from the dentist on Monday, after heading off down one of those alleys you keep going past and wondering where it heads. It’s around the back of some houses, next to garages which can’t possibly be for cars because the only access is via alleys far too narrow for most vehicles.

Secret Garden

There used to be a sign beside the gate which would no doubt have enlightened me as to who ran the little green oasis, but it’s been pulled down, so it remains a mystery. Maybe I should go back some evening when people may be around and enquire.

Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden

I’ve got worms!

I’ve got worms!, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

My sister always gets me good presents. For my birthday pie bought me a mini wormery, which arrived this morning. I was feeling bad about the amount of perfectly good compostable material I was throwing out. Now I can use it to make liquid super compost.

Our garden needs a mini cow to keep it mown

Smaller breeds of cattle are the next big thing, allowing people to keep a few cows if their back garden is big enough. The Times writes about Dexters, miniature “cottagers’ Cows” from Ireland, which are about the size of an Alsation and produce up to 16 pints of milk a day.

In truth the garden is probably too small, even for a mini moo, and the fences to flimsy. But the lawn’s not flat enough to run a mower over it effectively and we have to cut the gras somehow.