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DPercussion 2007

DPercussion 2007
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So that’s it, DPercusion is dead. Which is a damn shame.

This year’s event was huge. You could feel the 80,000 attendees they’d expected and there were far more stages than you could easily expect to visit. I managed to see most of the bands I wanted to and gave away a transformer and a GI into the bargain.

First up were This I Seb Clarke on the main stage. It’s always good to see a band with a horns section and their set was energetic enough to wear you out just watching it.

Next was The Mekkits on the Kenworthy stage. You’ve got to appreciate a band who tell you their songs are dedicated to reindeer and monkeys. It’s the second time I’ve seen them this year and I quite like them. I had wanted to catch the Ting Tings but their set was cancelled.

Set of the day, as at Unknown Pleasures, was The Whip. Cherry Ghost followed them but were a bit disappointing, though I think that was because of the levels and mixing rather than the quality of the band.

What now? I’m sure there’ll be new festivals to fill the DPercussion shaped hole, but it’ll take a while to do it properly.

DPercussion 2007 set at Flickr.


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On duty outside the Police station in the centre of town.

Update I received this email, which made me happy-

Hi my friend and I found bot014 on Saturday outside the police station near Albert Square we were going to the DPercussion concert at Castlefield anyway we picked the little fella up and later on in the pub over several drinks we tried to make the robot into the car but failed miserably so my friend took him home to her son to do, which of course he did with extremely little difficulty. I said I would find try to find out more about the bot-crossing blogsite on the internet as I have access at work, hence my e mail, so I have had a quick look at the blogs but am a newcomer to this kind of thing so perhaps you could enlighten me a bit.

Many thanks.

Jenny (robot saver)

Jenny is now an official Robot Saver, an honoraryb title that shall be bestowed upon everyone who contacts me to say they found one of Andy’s Transformers or GIs.

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