Transformers- robots in the snow!

Transformers- robots in the snow!

Last Tuesday would have been Andy’s birthday. I didn’t get to release any Bots or GIs for it, but I did get out on my bike the following day with a couple of robots and a Hummer full of GIs, all of which ended up in the snow in Platt Fields. Annoyingly, it’s taken me until today to upload the pictures.

Transformers- robots in the snow! Arctic GIs Arctic GIs

After giving the robots and soldiers their chilly freedom I headed on into town to shop, write and get this shot of the town hall complete with Santa and Christmas trees.

Albert Square gets all Christmassy

Robots in the Park

What You Lookin at

BOT074 BOT079 car chase BOT081 Gardening Aircraft Carrier car chase2 BOT091 Parking The Gang BOT073 Axe

The plan was to get up early(ish) and release a bunch of Transformers whilst other people had a lie in. The problem is it’s Sunday, so I had a lie in. On the plus side, this way I got to see some of the responses to the robots, and I found out that teh South Manchester Model Boat Club sails on the boating lake on Sunday mornings.

boat Boats

Let’s take bot-crossing global

I’ve been releasing GIs and Transformers almost everywhere I’ve travelled for the last three and a half years, an ongoing memorial to Andy. Now I want to step things up, and I’d like to enlist your help.

I want to send GIs and Transformers all over the world. So, if you would like your own numbered memorial soldier or robot all that’s needed is a small donation to postage and I will send you one. All I ask in return is that you send back a picture of them in an interesting location for me to publish. Any profit after sending out the troops will be donated to the JustGiving page set up in Andy’s memory.