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Venn Episode 2 is online

It’s the morning after the night before. Should Sarah and Gareth tell Paul about their one night stand? Was it just a one night stand? And who is the mystery woman at Paul’s door.

Featuring Edward Graham Lindup, Annamarie Bayley, Nathan Head and Mary Gerardine Hooton. Sound by Alan Ward of awardsounds.co.uk. Written, directed and edited by Ian Pattinson

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Cloud seeding ships to combat global warming

This could also be posted to How to Save the World for Free, but it’s relevant to the phone comic I’m working on.

Unmanned ships that sprayed sea water into the atmosphere to boost low lying clouds could produce sufficient cooling effects to counteract global warming due to CO2 rises. They’d cost £1m to £2m and at least 1500 would be needed. If they did work that’s £3billion to mitigate the damage already done and buy us time to find alternative technologies. That’s just over a fortnight of the abomination that is the Iraq occupation, to make such crimes less likely in the future.

So don’t be surprised when Bush and Brown don’t invest in it.

Let’s form a climate change brain trust 1

Former UK chief scientist Sir David King is calling for a concerted effort to combat climate change. Especially, as it’s his area of expertise, scientific work on the scale of CERN to look for alternative energies and clean up technologies.

Sir David commented that global warming was more dangerous than terrorism whilst he was chief scientist, a comment that anyone with half a brain could see was logical and nowhere near as controversial as some made it out to be. In fact, as it affects the poorer nations more, fuelling feelings of injustice and eventually leading to overcrowding and all the problems that entails, it could be said that climate change is a major factor in increasing terrorism. Fight the cause, not the symptoms.

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