Daily archives: September 10, 2008

Tweets today

23:21 Venn episode 2 is online. Check it out at www.venn.tv #

00:28 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/6hmenf #

00:28 Blog: Venn Episode 2 is online tinyurl.com/5zsyyc #

10:27 Blog: More cowbell! tinyurl.com/5w8pvs #

12:27 Blog: I’m going to need a bigger puncture repair kit tinyurl.com/5zk5d4 #

13:28 Blog: Would anyone like some beetroot chutney? tinyurl.com/5922ey #

15:30 What would be the best grade of paper to castrate someone with paper cuts? #

17:17 Chemical engineers are just dangerous plumbers, according to the ninja. #

17:55 Blog: Ike is king of the pile tinyurl.com/5c7uhq #

18:34 Blog: Beware of low flying ninja tinyurl.com/5umtte #

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I’m going to need a bigger puncture repair kit

It may be hard to tell in this picture, but that’s a huge tear in the inner tube. I guess that after fixing a small puncture I put the tube back in so it was nipped between tyre and rim. It must have held for a while before finally giving way.
Because this is my newest bike, and a type I’ve never before owned, I don’t have any spare inner tubes lying around. I’ll pick one up on the way into town.