Barack Obama = Adolf Hitler? 2

What’s the internet law about every discussion eventually citing Hitler?

I just read a pathetic whine from some right wing US blogger about how terrible it is that Obama is so popular and looks set to win the election. Irony free he blathered on about the terrible damage that will be done to America if McCain loses before likening himself to a citizen of Weimar Germany watching the rise of Adolf Hitler.

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama = Adolf Hitler?

  • Tim (Kalyr)

    Quite frankly, the Freepi scare me.

    They’ve made projection into a fine art – they love accusing their political opponents of resembling the most unpleasant aspects of themselves.

    All this “Liberalism=Fascism” crap is coming from people who wear brown shirts themselves.

    The Internet probably has a higher percentage of wingnuts and kooks, but there are frightening numbers of people I can only describe as fellow travellers of Timothy McVeigh.

    When Obama wins, expect more Oklahomas.

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