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Tweets today

23:24 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/dd43ky #

10:48 May need a new scanner. My current one has a mark all the way down the glass that I can’t get at to see if it’s a scratch or cleanable. #

14:24 Blog: Here be dragons tinyurl.com/cnhogq #

14:24 Blog: Some people have too much time on their hands tinyurl.com/dj9y39 #

15:56 @Kalyr Dunnn Dunn GOLD! Always believe in your soul! You’ve got the power to know! You’re indestructable! #

16:13 @Kalyr Context? We don’t need no steenking context! #

16:27 Into town to buy a diary, meet an actress and watch a crappy film. #

21:25 It’s called Knowing because the message is obvious as soon as Nic Cage starts talking about heaven. #

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If you can’t say it with flowers then don’t say anything

This is the song that donated the title for Sounds of Soldiers. There are too many books that aren’t very good that take their titles from the Bible or works of great literature. I’ve always wanted to write something better than a Tom Clancy (I’d say better than Dan Brown, but that would be aiming low) then take the title from something supposedly low brow like the indie music I love.

The Christmas cards and greetings are arriving
Across the shifty sands to the war
by the time I get to read them she’ll be rising
To a 50/50 chance and nothing more
Through the sleet and drizzle
You can hear the sounds of soldiers
The Kalashnikov and splutter
On a sunny day
From the east of the middle
To the north and south of nowhere
People earn their bread and butter
In some funny ways

In the corridors of power
Where the talks are in full swing
If you can’t say it with flowers
Then don’t say anything

Because I want to see my children
Grow up into healthy human beings
I want to see them walking, running
Playing, laughing and singing


I’m just outside the home
of Christmas now
And I’m dying
All across the shifty sands there’s blood and guts
By the time I get to Jesus she’ll still be crying
I guess a 50/50 chance wasn’t good enough

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – Say It With Flowers

Also- This Is The Sound Of An Eclectic Guitar – A Collection of Other People’s Songs