Daily archives: June 29, 2009

Tweets today

23:40 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/kv24l8 #

03:46 Blog: Sounds of Soldiers – Passing Judgement tinyurl.com/krqcs5 #

11:52 Banquo’s Ghosts sounds like the exact opposite of Sounds of Soldiers is.gd/1hVED #

12:47 This week’s Orange Wednesday film is Blood: The Last Vampire @ 7.20 @ amc #

15:30 Blog: How to take street portraits tinyurl.com/p4zrnl #

17:11 TwittGeek – Automatically follow geeks like you on Twitter twittgeek.com #

19:41 Blog: The cherry stout experiment begins tinyurl.com/l8yhbs #

20:28 You write one mini chapter about shooting a man and suddenly all the ads on your blog are for bulletproof vests. What’s the world coming to? #

22:32 Fudoh – The New Generation was bizarre, bloody and very Japanese- death by quim propelled dart anyone? is.gd/1ipCr #

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The cherry stout experiment begins

It would have been cherry beer, but the cherries were beginning to rot and there was some Mackeson’s left from an earlier experiment. The volume of liquid will increase when I work out what I can add to the mix.