Daily archives: April 22, 2010

EMusic picks

Every month I have 30 credits to spend at emusic.com on finding new music or filling gaps in my collection. The emusic catalogue isn’t as big as I’d like, but it does skew towards the more obscure so it’s easier to find stuff that would be buried on other sites. Normally I ask for suggestions, but this month I thought I’d let chance find me a fewand just click until I found stuff that interested me.

The first of this month’s choices isn’t all that obscure though- nonstoperotik by Black Francis,in which the Pixies lead man gets all dirty.

Next I thought I’d try some of the music recommended by the site. So Dirty Mind by The Pipettes provided three tracks.

There’s a most downloaded section, which gave me Forced To Love/All To All by Broken Social Scene.

Next I looked at the recently added section, where I found Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast by Cornershop. Certainly not a new band to me, but a new album.

With two credits left I grabbed the last track needed to complete Switzerland by Electric Six and a random track by Ripperton, who are rated as the most popular artist on the site.

I have to develop a more organised way to find new music if this month’s selections are anything to go by, only three out of thirty choices was by an artist new to me.

The Leaders’ Debate drinking game (suggestions welcome) 1

It’s the second of the Leaders’ debates tonight, and I should be listening to it if I don’t get distracted by Episodes from Liberty City.

These look like they’ll become an election fixture, so it’s time to start thinking about a drinking game. Gather around your television or radio and take a drink every time-

Nick Clegg mentions Sheffield, where he’s an MP.

Gordon Brown makes a lame and obviously scripted joke.

David Cameron starts an anecdote with “Recently I was in <city> where I met a….”

Anyone mentions Eton.

The chairman has to shout.

You still find yourself thinking “So that’s what Nick Clegg looks like.”

Watching it on Sky HD bonus addition

Gordon Brown in high definition makes you shudder.

Not-sober-until-Sunday optional additions-

Anyone mentions Trident

Anyone mentions Afghanistan

Anyone mentions “Our brave troops (boys/men and women etc.)

Permanent liver damage (but worth it) bonus

Gordon Brown says “Of course Tony was lying about WMDs and we all knew he was.”