Is there an internet law about how some people are just too dumb to have a clue? 8

The Onion could probably do a good piece on some idiot calling for a repeal of Godwin’s Law and their made up fool wouldn’t sound any more clueless than Stewart Cowan when he demands the same thing. Now I know that I’ve slightly abused the definition of Godwin’s Law myself on occasion, but I at least understand it and its purpose. Godwin’s Law states- “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” The longer and more heated a debate becomes, the more likely someone is to lose perspective and start comparing their opponents to Hitler. There is a corollory to the law which suggests that, in a civilised debate, the person who has just proven themselves an idiot automatically loses, the thread is officially closed and everyone should move on. Cowan isn’t very good at civilised debate.

You know the type-

“I’m not allowed to inflict my poisonous and foul smelling addiction on other people in pubs any more! It’s just like the Nazis!”

“The speed limit around schools has dropped to twenty, so that I’m less likely to kill children! It’s just like the Nazis!”

“I have to put a little thought into which bin I use! That might make me stop and realise how much waste I’m generating! It’s just like the Nazis!”

“I’m not allowed to use my religion to justify breaking the law and discriminating against people! It’s just like the Nazis!”

“People are paying more attention to the carefully researched, proven facts than my poorly thought out propaganda! It’s just like the Nazis!”


Cowan is more eager than most to brand anyone doing something he doesn’t agree with a fascist. Even when he’s tackling something I could agree is objectionable, he’s too eager to go all frothy at the mouth to ever elicit any empathy from me. Somehow the fact that the majority of people polled didn’t think it’s a good idea to let idiot Americans pay addicts to be neutered passed him by. He’d rather lament about how it’s evil that some people like to stay in touch with reality when he thinks they should be joining him in his fantasy world.

I’m sure Stewart Cowan’s anger keeps him warm at night, but he’s the blogger who cried wolf- repeatedly and loudly- and has proven he has nothing useful to add to any debate.

8 thoughts on “Is there an internet law about how some people are just too dumb to have a clue?

  • Stewart Cowan

    Many top bloggers agree with much of what I write and link to my posts – in agreement with me as opposed to your remarkably spite-driven piece here, which is wrong on so many levels that I don’t have the time to correct you.

    As for “crying wolf” you obviously don’t have an earthly about what is happening. I am mild compared to some. There are far worse things happening than I cover.

    Why don’t you write something useful for a change?

    • Ian Pattinson

      “Many top bloggers”? So you’re wrong in company. I’m outside your echo chamber, actually paying attention to what’s going on and being right more often than you. Sorry that that upsets you so.

      And “write something useful”? From a man who’s relentlessly negative and wrong that’s a laughable comment.

  • Leg-iron

    ‘Godwin’s law’ is not a law in either the legislative or scientific sense. It’s wordplay. Nothing more. It is a pretty name for faeces, a delightful term for irrelevance and a gladdening of the fart.

    As for the Nazis, well, they were amateurs. Comparisons with 1984? Orwell lacked imagination. There are much more interesting things on the way. There are games to play that would be censored on Xbox. Don’t believe it? Laugh it off? I don’t mind. Your life, your choice. Can you say the same to me?

    There is no internet law demanding clues for the clueless as yet but it’s coming.

    It will not do what you think it will do.

    The game is under way, and you think you make the rules, but you don’t.

    Neither do I.

    • Ian Pattinson

      Congratulations Leg-iron, you’ve managed the seemingly impossible task of making Stewart Cowan sound coherent and like he actually thinks before he types.

      You’ve just spouted a load of drivel which means nothing and only proves my point- you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Take your meds and come back when you can actually say something rather than just stringing together a bunch of nonsense attempts at dog whistle phrases.

  • Stewart Cowan

    No, Ian, Leg-iron is right and his blog posts are always coherent. “Take your meds” is a euphemism for “Help me, I don’t have the capacity to debate the issues.”

    Why do you have such a problem seeing what is happening? Perhaps you are a government disinformation blogger. Well, tell your handlers that we know what their game is and trying to discredit bloggers who spend their time disseminating the truth will not work with cheap smears.

    • Ian Pattinson

      There’s no debating a comment which sounds like the stream of consciousness babbling of someone whose just been hit in the head with an iron bar. If he ever bothers to make a point I’ll debate it. The same goes for you.

      I love the way you’re all about people thinking for themselves until you meet someone who does and then immediately switch over to making up conspiracy fantasies about how they’ve been nobbled or are in on the dark plans.

  • Stewart Cowan

    Ian, the point that Leg-iron and myself are making is that we’re in big trouble and you aren’t seeing it! And now you aren’t seeing this explanation either! That’s why I suggested that you may be a disinfo merchant as it is the only logical reason you won’t admit to how bad things are. We aren’t all going to lie down and become compliant slaves. As Leggy says, it’s your choice. We’ve made ours.

    • Ian Pattinson

      You’ve chosen to panic about every made up scare story the Daily Mail pushes on you. That’s your right. It’s my right to mock you for it.

      Edited to add- And my pleasure.

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