Daily archives: April 9, 2011

Zombie Barbie

Sadly Ebay won’t let me easily embed the image on here, you’ll have to click through to see it in all its glory. You have one day to buy this unique bust.

Zombie Barbie Bust

“Retro 80’s doll rises from the dead”

This resin bust was inspired by the “Walking Dead – Bicycle Girl Zombie” and has been sculpted, cast in resin and handpainted by myself.

The bust features some amazing detail including – Dead Kens head – with exposed brains, Barbies broken arm and hand, a Severed Barbie doll foot, exposed ribs, torn off jaw, skeletal backbone, torn and wrinkled flesh, Barbie hair, flocked base with swamp effect grass, dirt and sticks.

This is a truly amazing piece and features an outstanding paintjob, including zombie toned flesh, veins and blood splats etc.

Unfortunately the pictures do not do this piece justice as they show up very red for some reason, and also the gloss wet look varnish has a bit too much shine on camera.

This will make a great addition to any Horror Collection and I will only be making a limited number – and this is #1

“This thing is Gross, Get it off the kitchen table” – My girlfriend

“Awesome mate” – Chris from work

“I want one” – Everyone who has seen it so far!!