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So George Osborne has gone and called off another planned tax, scrapping the tax relief limit on charity. I wonder if stuff like the “pasty tax” and such are smoke screens, distractions from really bad policies.

I’m not in the position to write off charitable donations against tax, but just for a moment let’s pretend I am so I can pose a question. If I wanted to make a double whammy of my tax relief, which would be the best charities to really piss off the Government? What charities, if any, exist primarily to campaign against the sort of abuse of power Governments- and they’re rich and corporate friends- are prone to?

Suggestions, for when I am rich enough, in the comments please.

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  • Panama

    If that were the problems, there’s an easier solution. UK charities pay VAT – about a £1bn of which they can’t reclaim (big scandal which nobody knows about). The UK government could cancel ALL tax reliefs for donors (which are ~£1b/year), and instead spare UK charities from VAT. That would solve the foreigner problem and be roughly cost-neutral all round.

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